Birth Certificate Translation

birth certificate for translationTranslating a birth certificate is common when presenting the document in another country. Whether registering the birth of a child for dual nationality or providing proof of your own nationality we can provide a certified translation in just a few hours.

When translating a birth certificate into another language it is important to maintain the formatting of the document. Most birth certificates are produced in tables and where possible we will produce a translation that reflects the layout of the original document.

A translated birth certificate is often requested when you are providing proof of identity to another country. This may be necessary when applying for a visa, seeking employment, getting married or opening a bank account in another country.

Parents with dual nationality may need to register the birth of their child in two countries. Many countries will request that the document is translated before they will register the birth of a child from another country.

It is also common to have translations legalised with an apostille certificate. If you need to get an apostille on your original birth certificate or on a translation we can assist. The apostille can be issued in just 24 hours and our service includes solicitor certification.