Email your documents

Our translators can work with most documents provided in electronic format. As long as the text is clear we can start work on your emailed document immediately. Emailing your documents is that quickest way to start your online translations.

In most circumstances it is not necessary for us to see the original documents. We can work with documents provided to us electronically via email. You simply need to scan a clear copy of your document and email this to us.

Emailing documents for translations reduces processing times and ensure documents do not get lost in the post. When your document is translated we will post a certified copy to you. We can also provide an electronic version of your document on completion but we will post your document as it contains our embossed certification stamp.

To get your translation started, email us today!

We can work with documents provided in most formats including word, pdf, jpeg, png, png, etc. Just send us your document and we will get back to you.