Translation Services

Selecting a reliable translation service from online websites can feel like a leap of faith. Let us start reassuring you by providing some more information about the services we provide. If you want to say hello in another language use Google translate. If you want a professional translation produced by a native speaking qualified translator then read more about what we do.

Professional translations

All of the documents we translate are processed by a native speaking translator that understands the language you need your document translating into. Once a document is translated it is proof read by another person and then cross referenced to the original document by a third person prior to dispatch. This ensures accuracy especially for documents containing numbers, names, addresses and information that is vital to the documents integrity.

Certified translations

Every translation we complete is certified. After the document has been through the checking process one of the translation team will certify the translation. Every order is given a unique reference number, gets certified and then embossed with the translation service seal. Our certified translations are accepted around the world by business, academic institutes, embassies and government bodies.

Solicitor certified translations

In addition to certifying translations you can request that we provide a translation that is witnessed by a solicitor. In simple terms this means that one of the team certifies the translations in the presence of a solicitor. This is a very formal procedure and not required for all translations but we offer this for a small additional fee to cover the costs of visiting a solicitor.

Legalised translation service

Many translations also need legalising for use in foreign countries. This requires adding an apostille to translations so that they will be accepted by countries that are members of the Hague Convention.