Translations for marriage

marriage certificate for translationPlanning a wedding abroad may require the translation of many documents. The wedding planner may ask you to provide identity documents and other legal papers to confirm you are single.

Documents that we regularly translate for people getting married or those recently wed


  • Certificates of no impediment
  • Affidavits
  • Sworn Statements
  • Passports
  • Divorce Documents – decree absolute, decree nisi
  • Court Documents

We can translate wedding documents in just a few hours. For an accurate quote please email us a copy of your documents. We can begin translating your documents from your email copies.

What are these documents?

Certificate of No Impediment

A certificate of no impediment is a legal document issued by your local UK registrars office. After a qualifying period you will be issued with a certificate that confirms no one objected to your proposed wedding.


This is a sworn document that you need to sign in the presence of a UK solicitor no notary public. Your affidavit will typically confirm that you are not currently married, that any previous marriage is now dissolved, and that you are legally free to marry. Most solicitors will witness you sign this document for just a few pounds.

Sworn Statements

These are similar to affidavits. You essentially sign a statement confirming you are single.

Decree Absolute

If you were previously married in the UK and the marriage is now dissolved the final document issued by the court is called the decree absolute and follows the decree nisi.